Thursday, August 06, 2015

Got this letter published last week:

The Post-Dispatch article "Smoking ban exemptions will burn out" (July 20) fails to mention that the St. Louis City Smoke-Free Air Act of 2009 allows casinos, even casinos not yet in existence, to have smoking on their gaming floors for years to come. The ban's five-year sunset clause applies only to small bars. The smoking exemption for city casinos continues until smoking is prohibited by law in both St. Louis County and St. Charles County casinos. That may not happen any time soon, if ever.
In the meantime, why should casinos enjoy this competitive advantage over small bars? In fairness, the smoking ban exemption for St. Louis city small bars should be extended until smoking is also banned in St. Louis city casinos.
Bill Hannegan  •  St. Louis

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Injuries to Officer Wilson

If these reported injuries are true, it looks like Michael Brown had put some serious hurt on the officer Wilson and had come back to finish him off. Still the final shot may not have been justified if the fifth had put Brown on the ground.

Sunday, August 17, 2014

Letter Concerning Michael Brown Killing in Ferguson

St. Louis County Prosecuting Attorney McCulloch,

In fairness to Darren Wilson, I wanted to be sure you were aware of a candid conversation caught on a cell phone video immediately after the killing of Michael Brown. Beginning at 6:00 of this video, you can hear one fellow explain to another what he had just seen concerning the shooting of Michael Brown.

"how 'd he get from here to here?"
     "because he ran ... police was still in the truck"
     "how his body come this way?"
     "he's like over the truck ... then he ran"
     "police got out and ran after him ... next thing I know he come back toward the cop ..."
     "police had his gun drawn already ..."
     "oh, the police shot him?"
      "police kept dumpin it ... I'm thinking the police was missing him. The dude started running, kept coming towards the police." (7:15)

What the witness says is consistent with what an alleged friend of officer Wilson said happened on the Dana Loesch Show.


Bill Hannegan

Sunday, August 18, 2013

Disproportionate Sentence for Vlad Evanick

A guy was just sentenced to 20 years for assaulting and raping a stranger. He gets 20 years.
Vlad Evanick faces 24 years for taking a photo of his seventeen year old girl friend. Something is hugely out of whack!
You may despise him, but Evanick did not do anything even close to the evil of assaulting and raping an innocent stranger.  Nor did he produce child pornography. His case is a serious abuse of federal child pornography laws.

Monday, June 03, 2013

Beautiful Clemens Windows

Mr. Clemens lost his beautiful wife when she was very young. Her image cast in iron is at the top of every window of his mansion. I am surprised they are still in place.

Monday, January 28, 2013

No Progress at Clemens House

These pictures sent to me yesterday show no progress at Clemens House except some new caution tape.