Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Interpreting the latest push to remove exemptions.

The St Louis County Health Department is running an ad blitz aimed removing the exemptions.  It’s the latest in several attempts over the last two years.  Like most advertising they omit basic facts, make up others and claim public support.

Joe Edwards Spot

It’s hard to not admire Joe Edward’s business acumen.  He was largely responsible for developing The Loop and helping it spread east in to the city.

In his spot he talks about how:
When they made (forced by law)the decision to make the Pin-Up Bowl smoke-free families started coming.  It doesn’t mention if business is up or down.  My guess is down since probanners love to talk about bans improve business.

He opened The Moonrise Hotel smoke-free.  Which is fine, we always support the owner making the decision. 

What he doesn’t say is how after the ban started he allowed smoking in the Halo Bar while he applied for an exemption.  The exemption was denied by the city.   If he truly believed that smoke-free was good for business then why did seek an exemption.

He ended with “If the entire country of Ireland can do it, then I think we can”.   First, Ireland is not that big.  Its population is less then Missouri.  The ban has decimated its pub industry.  I’ve been in pubs since the ban.  While I had fun, it lacked that energy that made Irish Pubs famous. 

Tony Palazzolo