Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Delay Granting License

Missouri Gaming Commissioners,

Please find attached the study by St. Louis Federal Reserve Bank economists concerning the negative effect of the Illinois smoking ban on casino revenues. These economists determined that casino revenues plunged 20 percent due to the smoking ban. Even casinos in the middle of the state were hurt. How could a Cape Girardeau casino subjected to a smoking ban escape a similar ill effect?

Commissioners, it would be wise to not grant a license for a Cape Girardeau casino until the smoking ban issue in Cape Girardeau has been resolved. Though smoking bans have rarely been defeated at the ballot box, a smoking ban in Cape Girardeau could be defeated by a strong effort from casino supporters. Whether casino supporters will join and help fund a successful campaign against the proposed smoking ban remains to be seen.

Cape Girardeau Ban Goes to Vote

The Southeast Missourian confirmed today that the Cape Girardeau smoking ban which includes casinos will be voted on. How could theMissouri Department of Economic Development have ignored this looming economic factor given the recent smoking ban experience in Illinois? From the Southeast Missourian today:

"City Clerk Gayle Conrad confirmed that the petition had a sufficient number of signatures to get the issue on the ballot. Cape Girardeau County Clerk Kara Clark Summers verified 2,571 of the signatures that the group collected. The required number is 2,441, or about 10 percent of registered voters.

Once Conrad officially certifies the signatures, the Cape Girardeau City Council has 60 days to act on the proposed ordinance. If it votes it down or ignores it, it will go to a vote of the people."

Monday, November 29, 2010

New Casino Site

Dear Mayor Slay,

The report favoring Cape Girardeau as the best site for a new casino is flawed. It does not take into account the Cape Girardeau smoking ban that includes casinos which will surely pass this April. The report also does not consider the likely exemption of casinos from the Illinois ban this session. A smoke-free Cape Girardeau casino could wind up competing with Missouri and Illinois casinos which allow smoking. This situation, according to St. Louis Federal Reserve economist Tom Garret, would cause a 20 percent decline in casino revenues similar to the losses suffered by the Casino Queen due to the Illinois smoking ban. The report says nothing about this likely scenario.

Please find the Cape Girardeau smoking ban which goes on the ballot this April attached. Also attached is the bill put forward by Chicago representative Daniel Burke lifting the ban on smoking in Illinois casinos.


Bill Hannegan
314.315.3779 (cell)

Friday, November 26, 2010

Missouri Gaming Commissioners

Missouri Gaming Commissioners,

Please find attached the proposed smoking ban for Cape Girardeau which goes on the ballot in April. It is very likely to pass since nationally smoking bans have only been defeated 4 times at the ballot box. This ordinance specifically includes casinos.

Please also find attached the Illinois House Bill 1846 which lifts the smoking ban on Illinois casinos. Sponsored by Rep. Daniel Burke of Chicago, it has a good chance of passing this session.

Commissioners, a smoke-free Cape Girardeau casino could end up competing with smoking-allowed Illinois and Missouri casinos. I don't believe the Missouri Department of Economic Development took this possibility into account when they compiled the report released today.

I wanted you to have full information as you consider whether or not to award a 13th casino license.


Bill Hannegan

New Missouri Casino Report

Economic Analysis

Cape Girardeau gets a smoking ban on the ballot soon that includes casinos. It is very likely to pass unless casino interests generously fund opposition to the ban. Smoking bans have only been defeated at the ballot box 4 times. Across the river, an Illinois lawmaker has told me that Illinois casinos have a good chance of allowing smoking again this session. So a smoke-free Cape Girardeau casino will likely have to compete with smoking Illinois casinos. Does the study take this into account?

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

More Camp Zoe Analysis

"If they succeed in seizing Camp Zoe, we can expect the same tactics to be used against music venues nation-wide," Dan Viets told Pro Libertate. "This is a major test case that is being watched very carefully by people who hold music festivals and other large events, and who might find their property and profits subject to seizure without even being accused of a crime, let alone convicted of one."

Those seeking to steal Camp Zoe -- and their stenographers in the local press -- are betting heavily that the mainstream public won't rally to the defense of a counter-culture outpost owned by an bass-playing entrepreneur in dreadlocks.

Sunday, November 21, 2010

DEA, Jimmy Tebeau and Camp Zoe

This long post about the DEA, Jimmy Tebeau and Camp Zoe on the RFT blog really nailed the DEA to the wall on Zoe. Here is a link to RFT article:

This is really right on!

Jerry says:

"When you go to get a building permit in your county, will they issue it to you if there is something wrong? If Camp Zoe was the largest open drug air market in the Ozarks why did they continue to let it happen for 4 years??????? Collect sales tax from it? Put kids lives in danger? Does your tax dollars pay for Jimmy to train and protect us or law enforcement? From what this blogs says, these were big time drug dealers and the cops knowingly and willing let this happen for 4 years. Why did they want Jimmy to do their job? The lady who went to pull her daughter out of Camp Zoe was there what 1 hour and knew that there was drugs. How long did it take you to know drugs were being sold down there? Before you got your tent up? Have you been watching the news? Drug cartels will cut your head off if you try to stop them. Do you think Jimmy wanted to put his family at risk? Or his patrons? 4 YEARS why so long? The first drug purchase that an undercover agent made at Camp Zoe they should have made an arrest! The next permit Zoe wanted issued they should have said NO! We are sorry but we cannot issue you this permit. We have had undercover law enforcement in the crowd and something needs to be done to get a handle on the drug use! If someone smokes pot or serves a minor in a bar, they ticket the owners, if they think they were not trying to control it and give them a warning. 3 warnings and they take away their license. They do not seize the property. The State sends undercover, underage kids all the time into establishments even for cigarettes. They arrest the employee that served it on the spot and gives the place a fine. Why do people not understand and get it threw their thick head. Jimmy is NOT a Drug Enforcement Agent! Your tax dollars pays for the DEA to fight the war on drugs NOT Jimmy! If they need to shut the place down and no more Schwagstocks fine. But do not let them take his land. Let him sell it and get his money out of it. That is why you take a risk and make investments. His bank accounts have been frozen he cannot pay his staff, bills, property taxes and he has been charged with no crime. It is bullshit and everybody should fight like hell so that this does not keep happening to people. If the feds really need the money to fight the war on drugs so badly. They would Drug test everybody who is on or applying for government assistance. 25 year ago when I was in high school, we use to go to the doobie drive up (bus stop at the section 8 housing complex) anytime of the day and get weed, mdma, coke anything we wanted and from what I hear you still can today. I guess the feds are not able to take their own land so it will never stop. I also think that if they drug test all the people living in government housing. 1/2 the war on drugs would be won. Because then maybe work & food will be more important than drugs. The government could make so much money off that. Can you imagine? Not having to feed and house the people who are abusing the system. But giving it to the people that really need it. Wow! then I would think the war on drugs is worth it."

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Protect O'Fallon Businesses with Free Choice

Dear Mayor Hennessy and O'Fallon City Councilmembers,

I want to warn you that a substantial number of bars in St. Louis County and St. Louis City will be legally be able to continue to allow smoking after Jan 2nd next year. Furthermore, due to the unfairness of both the City and County laws, and their weak enforcement provisions, a large amount of noncompliance can be expected from St. Louis bars and restaurants included in these bans. I strongly suggest for the sake of O'Fallon businesses that any smoking ban legislation put on the ballot exempt "over 21" venues so that no O'Fallon business is left at a competitive disadvantage with similar businesses in St. Louis City or County.

St. Charles County residents favor such an exemption. The most recent survey by the Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services shows that only 31.2 percent of St. Charles County residents favor a total ban on smoking in bars and cocktail lounges. This survey lines up almost exactly with a Gallup Poll released last August which found that only 31 percent of Americans favor a total ban on smoking in bars.

Research shows that even when imposed statewide, smoking bans cut bar revenues and bar employment. The effect of a smoking ban is even more harmful when neighboring businesses face no such restriction or ignore those in place. Please do not be swayed by the false assurances of professional smoking ban advocates such as Pat Lindsey. Smoking bans do hurt businesses. The best way to protect O'Fallon businesses is to allow free choice to O'Fallon adults with an "over 21" exemption. The Tennessee smoking ban features such an exemption. Please find this law attached.


Bill Hannegan

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Illinois Might Roll Back Ban

Letter to Illinois House Executive Committee

Dear Chairman Burke and Executive Committee Members,

Please amend the Illinois smoking ban in a way fair to all businesses.

Rather than selectively exempting casinos, please consider reinstating the Chicago air filtration exemption statewide:

"Any public place or place of employment otherwise subject to this Chapter whose owner or operator can demonstrate, to the satisfaction of the commissioner of public health and the commissioner of the environment, that such area has been equipped with air filtration or purification devices or similar technologies as to render the exposure to secondhand smoke in such area, notwithstanding the fact that smoking may be occurring in such area, equivalent to such exposure to secondhand smoke in the ambient outdoor air surrounding the establishment. The commissioner of public health and the commissioner of the environment are jointly authorized to promulgate regulations specifying what types of technologies, when and if available, and taking into account any applicable Federal and/or State standards, satisfy the requirements of this paragraph."

Or please consider an "over 21" exemption such as the Tennessee smoking ban provides. Please find the Tennessee smoking ban attached.

I am very glad to see Illinois moving in the direction of increased freedom and property rights concerning this issue.


Bill Hannegan
314.315.3779 (cell)

Monday, November 15, 2010

New Illinois Report Blames Smoking Ban

"However, the numbers continue to suggest that the biggest contributor to the drop in Illinois casino revenues is the indoor smoking ban," the report concludes.


Sunday, November 14, 2010

Americans for Forfeiture Reform

This afternoonI talked with Eapen Thampy at Americans for Forfeiture Reform www.forfeiturereform.com

He tells me that the Feds took all the money Jimmy had to pay the bills and mortgage at Zoe. Nevermind hiring a legal defense. Right now Zoe needs contributions just to stay afloat.


Saturday, November 13, 2010

Help Camp Zoe at This Website

"Dear friends and family of Camp Zoe. We are sad to report the federal government is apparently attempting to shut down Camp Zoe. They raided the campground on Monday, November 1, 2010 around 7:30 a.m.. They had a search warrant looking for gate revenue from the Spookstock 9 (Oct. 29+30) festival weekend and any financial records. They came in with 70+ officers from the IRS, DEA, Homeland Security, Highway patrol, and local & regional police officers."


Complaint against Camp Zoe and Jimmy Tebeau

Camp Zoe Complaint

Friday, November 12, 2010

Smoking Dope In the Fox Theatre

St. Louis Police Officers and 45 private security people refused to enforce the smoke-free policy or marijuana laws at a recent Widespread Panic concert at the Fox Theatre. A City police officer present told me that they were not asking people to put out their indoor cigarettes or joints. I asked, "Isn't this a smoke-free show?" He replied, "We could enforce that and we could have a riot too!" So how is Jimmy Tebeau supposed to do better than the St. Louis City Police Department at his Camp Zoe shows

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Can the Government Really Steal Camp Zoe

Jimmy Tebeau is a friend of mine and his band has played at parties at my house. This must be devastating to him and I can't believe the government can take his property without charging him with any crime!


Monday, November 08, 2010

Creve Coeur Clubs Exempt

This ordinance only extends the County ban to one Creve Coeur bar, the Hive, and turns the burden of enforcement of the ban over to the Creve Coeur police. Councilwoman Kistner looks pretty dumb right now. The answer to these bans is to put an over 21 workplace exemption on the ballot, which most County residents support.

Sunday, November 07, 2010

More on Creve Coeur Smoking Ban


Basically, Creve Coeur private clubs are being screwed with a phony private clubs exemption that makes the ban sound reasonable. Mr. Jordan of the Creve Coeur American Legion Post explains that the law exempts private clubs with no employees, yet unpaid officers of the club such as himself are considered employees. Hence all private clubs will be included in the ban. Someone needs to call Councilwoman Kistner on this.

Kirkwood Veterans Are Steamed!


Letter to Councilwoman Kistner Concerning Private Clubs

Dear Councilwoman Kistner,

Ventilation and filtration systems are readily available to Creve Coeur bars and private clubs which can substantially clear tobacco smoke from their indoor air. Please find attached a 2008 study which demonstrates this. Shouldn't private clubs be allowed to install such technology, if they have not done so already, rather than face a smoking ban? Shouldn't they be allowed that option?

Bill Hannegan

Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Letter to Creve Coeur Councilwoman Kistner

Dear Councilwoman Kistner,

The St. Louis County smoking ban passed by a strong majority last year in part due to its reasonable exemptions for "over 21" entertainment venues like casinos and bars, as well as its exemption for old folks living out their last years in nursing homes. All private clubs were rightly exempted. The County ban lined up with what St. Louis County residents, Missourians and Americans generally want: no smoking in most restaurants but free choice in "over 21" establishments and private clubs..

In fact, the latest Gallup poll released in August found that only 31 percent of Americans favor a ban on all smoking in bars.

Likewise, a 2007 Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services poll likewise found that only 30 percent of St. Louis County residents, and only 27 percent of Missourians, favor such an extreme restriction.

Councilwoman Kistner, your proposed smoking ban for Creve Coeur removes most of the County's reasonable exemptions and turns over enforcement of the ban to the Creve Coeur police. I find it particularly unconscionable that you seek to ban all smoking in the Creve Coeur American Legion hall established just after World War II, yet your ordinance exempts a cigar bar that is open to the public. How can you justify restricting the freedoms of Creve Coeur veterans in their own private club, yet tolerate tobacco smoke in a for-profit business the public can enter without charge? Our veterans deserve better than to be hassled by Creve Coeur police in their own private club!

Furthermore, your ordinance entirely bans smoking in nursing homes, yet state law clearly permits such homes to allow indoor designated smoking areas. Local ordinances cannot ban what state law permits. I hope a legal challenge would soon be brought against this Draconian aspect of your ban if it passes and is enforced in its current form. Really Councilwoman Kistner, many people enter nursing homes at the end of their lives with little choice, often against their will. To send them out into the rain, wind and cold is really a mean thing on your part that I hope you will reconsider.


Bill Hannegan
314.315.3779 (cell)