Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Cape Girardeau Ban Goes to Vote

The Southeast Missourian confirmed today that the Cape Girardeau smoking ban which includes casinos will be voted on. How could theMissouri Department of Economic Development have ignored this looming economic factor given the recent smoking ban experience in Illinois? From the Southeast Missourian today:

"City Clerk Gayle Conrad confirmed that the petition had a sufficient number of signatures to get the issue on the ballot. Cape Girardeau County Clerk Kara Clark Summers verified 2,571 of the signatures that the group collected. The required number is 2,441, or about 10 percent of registered voters.

Once Conrad officially certifies the signatures, the Cape Girardeau City Council has 60 days to act on the proposed ordinance. If it votes it down or ignores it, it will go to a vote of the people."