Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Atomic Cowboy's hypocritical urban bonfires

The bar Atomic Cowboy has teamed up with Smoke Free St. Louis City to help force a smoking ban on reluctant St. Louis businesses.

What a deeply uncool thing to do! If I were more of a bastard, I would look into the possible violation of outdoor burning codes by Atomic Cowboy's famous bonfires. But I won't go there, because I am not out to ruin anyone's fun.

But how can Smoke Free St. Louis City celebrate a business that puts huge amounts of woodsmoke into St. Louis air? Woodsmoke is far more carcinogenic than tobacco smoke and, from what I have read so far, accounts for a surprising amount of urban air particulate pollution. No one is forced to go into a smoky bar. But all St. Louisans have to breathe the air made smoky by Atomic Cowboy. Careful Atomic Cowboy, efforts are underway to ban the fires you happen to like.