Saturday, January 31, 2009

Leave the bars alone

A nice letter in the Jan. 14 Suburban Journal:


The article "Smoking ban rules hazy" says it all. A year after the Smoke Free law went into effect, most bars in Granite City are still "hazy," filled with second-hand smoke from cigarette smoke. As are some in Pontoon beach and at least one in Glen Carbon.

These bars, called "smoke-easies" by some people, are common in our area. Patrons use small "Altoid" tins or empty beer bottles for their ashes. Have I reported them to the proper authorities? No. And I won't.

I was a proponent of the Smoke Free Act. My father died of smoking and I have scarred lungs from asbestos exposure and second-hand smoke really bothers me. But this ban should have never included bars. Just restaurants and other public places that you take your family. Bars are adult places. Smoking should be allowed.

Hopefully our legislators will change this law to exclude bars and perhaps casinos too. If not, the "smoke-easies" will continue to be a fact of life and the casinos may go bankrupt. As far as I am concerned, I will continue to enjoy my favorite whiskey or rye at one of my favorite bars once a week, second-hand smoke or not.