Tuesday, July 28, 2009

St Louis County Ban Update

As the meeting tonight gets closer we have some new information. We already know that the casinos will be exempt from the ban. What the council is considering is a bar exemption. This may sound like a promising development but it quite the opposite. Nearly all bars serve some percentage of food. In fact, if a bar wants to be open on Sundays it has to make at least 50% of its revenue from food. Bars have spent along time developing their business to meet this criteria. The definition of what bars will be exempt from the ban will 20% food revenue or less. Nearly all bars will be covered by the ban. This will be misleading to voters if it makes it to a ballot. While a strict ban may or may not have the voters support, a ban exempting bars very well may pass. What most voters won't know is that virtually no bars will be exempt.

Is this being done on purpose or is it a lack of understanding? I don't know the answer. This is just one problem of rushing this key legislation.

Tony Palazzolo

Update: Barbara Fraser was on KMOX - per her the 20% food revenue is now 25% which makes little difference.