Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Wash U Secondhand Smoke Study Proved Nothing About Ventilation

I challenge the Wash U researchers to test the air at the Double D Lounge which has five of the most powerful air purification systems ever made running 24/7. These units remove all the components of secondhand smoke from bar air. If the air at Double D Lounge is found to be polluted, then I'll concede their point.

Till then, we have no idea what "ventilation systems" were in use in the establishments tested since the establishments tested remain unnamed. "Ventilation systems" could mean anything?

Some lesser filtration systems get the particles but leave the nicotine behind. Dr. Walt Sumner, President of the St. Louis Academy of Family Physicians says it is the particles that are harmful, not the chemicals.

Maybe by "ventilation systems" they meant purifans: