Sunday, October 10, 2010

AQ Test to Answer Wash U

The PD and Wash U say air filtration doesn't work against tobacco smoke. I thought of an easy test last night that would prove them wrong:

The smoking room of local tobacco shop has the best air filtration system around that I have heard of , better even than the five unit system at DD's. I'll get six cigar smokers to smoke there for an hour. It takes an hour to smoke an average cigar. During the first half hour of this smoking session, the filtration system will be off. At the end of that half hour, an AQ scientist will measure the smoke in the air. For the next half hour the filtration system will be on full blast. After a half hour of filtration, the air will again be tested. If the PD and Wash U are right, the air at the end of hour should be at its worst. But I doubt that is what will happen.