Sunday, March 02, 2008

Atomic Cowboy owner Chip Schloss on smoking bans in St. Louis.

I haven't read anything in the St. Louis Post-Dispatch yet about Senator Joan Bray's new proposed Missouri smoking ban. Atomic Cowboy owner Chip Schloss and I square off about Senator Bray's new law in the latest issue of the Vital Voice, though Chip seems to be advocating smoke-free bars rather than smoking bans. Though I am pretty happy with my 1000 word thumbnail defense of the freedom of Missouri bars, the editor apparently couldn't believe that the strongest finding of the 1998 WHO secondhand smoke study was that children exposed to secondhand smoke were 22 percent LESS likely to develop lung cancer later in life. So he changed my "less" to "greater". Oh well, that changes the meaning a bit! But I am grateful that at least one St. Louis paper will allow a voice on the science of secondhand smoke other than that of the American Cancer Society.