Friday, March 14, 2008

Smoke-Free St. Louis City Happy Hour argues against smoking ban.

The video on You Tube of the Smoke-Free St. Louis City Happy Hour at
rBar is a good argument against a St. Louis smoking ban. The video features the owner of rBar saying both he and the majority of his customers like the rBar smoke-free. College-age members of Smoke-Free St. Louis express their dislike of secondhand smoke and their appreciation for the smoke-free air at rBar. Well, what's the problem? These kids aren't breathing tobacco smoke and the owner is gladly making money. But if every corner bar in St. Louis were forced to ban smoking, the bar owner would lose his niche market and people would start to flout the ban as they do in places with strict bans such as Ohio. Then the kids would be back to breathing smoke at the bar.