Sunday, August 17, 2008

3 Monkeys solves St. Louis secondhand smoke problem with Marth Brothers air filtration!

I took my wife out for a birthday celebration tonight at 3 Monkeys restaurant just south of Tower Grove Park. The air at this bar/restaurant was crystal clear. The air in the bar and smoking section is quietly and continuously filtered by three beautiful Marth Brothers air filtration machines. Each unit cleans 1000 cubic feet of air per minute. Combined they clean enough air to match the standard set by my St. Louis Public Smoking Compromise Law for a 50'x20'x12' venue. Both management and staff at 3 Monkeys agree that their secondhand smoke problem has been solved by their Marth Brothers machines. If you want to see what air filtration can do to provide truly clean air to St. Louis bars and restaurants, check out 3 Monkeys at 3153 Morganford Rd.

Like St. Louis Post-Dispatch restaurant critic Joe Bonwich said in a recent review, "A smoking section is available, but we weren't at all conscious of any smoke when we visited."