Thursday, August 07, 2008

Jennifer Guillermain, air filtration works.

Smoke-Free St. Louis City's last post features Jennifer Guillermain, a former Atlantic City casino employee come to St. Louis to push a smoking ban. Ms. Guillermain claims that breathing the air in At.antic City casinos has injured her health. She is here to tell St. Louis to ban all workplace smoking.

We have no way of knowing if stray cigarette smoke caused Ms. Guillermain's health problems. But we do know that air filtration can take all carcinogens from the air of casinos and other venues that allow smoking, including radon, which the EPA say causes 7 times more lung cancer deaths than secondhand smoke.

I have no problem with a St. Louis group paying Ms. Guillermain to come to St. Louis to push their agenda. But it sure is hard for private business owners and private citizens like me to compete with the full-time hired guns of Smoke-Free St. Louis City.