Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Casino Queen and East St. Louis in big trouble!

Now that St. Louis boats are done with the $500 loss limit, the Casino Queen and East St. Louis will feel the full effect of the Illinois smoking ban:

From the article:

"For many years, the lack of loss limits at Illinois casinos had provided a powerful edge over their competitors in Missouri, where the state law abolished Nov. 4 prohibited gamblers from buying more than $500 worth of tokens or gambling chips every two hours.

What is more than clear is the negative impact Illinois' state-mandated smoking ban has had on Casino Queen business since it took effect in January -- a 20-percent revenue reduction on a month-to-month comparison, Monaghan said.

Although casino owners warned the General Assembly last year about the detrimental effects of the smoking ban, Monaghan said he doubts lawmakers will end it."

This won't be pretty!