Saturday, February 14, 2009

Post article provokes great letter

The Post article about my fight provoked a great letter from a nonsmoker:

Hey, Bill,

I read the article in the paper today. I've been doing some thinking on the
subject. I have to tell you I detest smoking and have lost two relatives to the
nasty things. Also, it appalls me to see financially strapped people who cannot
afford to buy milk for their children, faithfully plop down significant sums of cash
to support their nicotine addiction.

Having made these brutal comments, I have to add that I'M ON YOUR SIDE!

Why? Because these people never go away! It's like the NRA fighting for you to
keep a fully automatic gun in your home, so that you can go target practicing with
your 16 year old son and his 22 rifle! If we don't fight at the edge of issues,
we'll be fighting for the most basic of common sense items. Have you heard that
MADD, having gotten most states to lower the alcohol limit to .08 from the previous
1. are now demanding .06 to become the new standard. Soon, we will be unable to
enjoy a glass of wine at "Grandmother's" for fear of Big Brother. We started with
seat belts, then shoulder harnesses, then you could get a ticket for not wearing a
seat belt while speeding and now you can get a ticket just for not wearing a seat
belt. 8 year olds as large as small adults must be in a booster seat. We will all
soon be wearing helmets when driving! Where does it all end?

OK, I've ranted long enough. Keep up the good work!!