Sunday, April 05, 2009

2/3 of Clayton households don't care about smoking ban!

According to the Post-Dispatch article:

"The survey conducted by the city, with the ETC Institute of Olathe, Kan., found that 77 percent of about 500 households that responded supported a smoking ban. The firm sent one survey to 1,500 randomly selected households with a request to complete and return the form.

The residents were asked if they supported a ban in Clayton restaurants and all public places, regardless of whether the county or state imposed a ban.

The Clayton Chamber of Commerce, which includes more than 400 businesses, from retail outlets to law firms, said it also found strong support for a smoking ban among the 131 members who responded to its survey."

So 2/3 of Clayton households and 2/3 of Clayton Chamber of Commerce members don't care enough about the Clayton smoking ban to fill out a survey. But those that bothered to send in the survey tended to hate smoke. No big surprise.