Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Kuneman on RFT Blog

"States with bans do less bar and restaurant sales than states without bans. I've gathered all the data from the US Dept of "trapping" smokers in large geographical areas with bans does nothing to shelter the financial downside to bans.

Funny, until Smoke-Free St. Louis City emerged from nowhere with financing whose source they will not disclose, there was no talk of any smoking bans anywhere- including the outdoor one at Wash U.

I wonder how much illicit funding, under the table from these fake grass roots organizations, is going into the pockets of these politicians who "suddenly" are interested in smoking bans."

Lyda is my alderman. Back in 2005, I talked to her about a St. Louis City smoking ban and she told me she hadn't thought about it. She said that smoke was always something she expected at a bar. What has changed?