Friday, September 05, 2008

rBar's decision to allow smoking with air filtration registers in Wisconsin.

From the Ban the Ban Wisconsin blog:

"Keep in mind that Corey Lawson (and member of the Smoke-Free St. Louis Coalition) had initially opened “rBar” as a non-smoking establishment, and had to close it because of lack of business.

Also, a source in St. Louis has informed us that Corey is admitting that he is installing air filtration technology to address the health risks of secondhand smoke in his bar. In other words, this member of the Smoke-Free St. Louis Coalition believes that modern air filtration (like the ones sold at Marth Brothers) does indeed filter out the “dangerous” chemicals in secondhand smoke.

We’ve also heard rumblings that the American Cancer Society is getting nervous because air filtration is becoming well-known and supported, and the St. Louis press is turning on the anti-smoking movement. Nervous? Why? If air filtration works, shouldn’t the ACS be supporting the installation of these air-cleaners?

If you’re from St. Louis, please support Corey’s new bar, “AM Lounge”, and let us know how how his air filtration system is working. We’d love to hear from you, especially if you’re a non-smoker."