Friday, September 12, 2008

Scott Marth calls out antismoker for slander on Joe Bonwich's Post blog.

Scott Marth calls out another Fred on restaurant critic Joe Bonwich's Post-Dispatch blog:

"The owners, staff, and patrons of both Gladstone's and Nadine's are very happy with their filtration systems. I hang out at Peppertini's in Chesterfield about 3 times a week and get nothing but compliments on how our machine works - even before the people know who I am. Nadine's does not have an upstairs area and we were told that Gladstone's upstairs area was for private parties only. Both places have MBC filtration only in one area by the bar, which may be the place for you to sit, if you've actually been there. People, please go and judge for yourselves rather than listening to slander."

The Marth brothers fight back. That is good news for St. Louis freedom and property rights!