Thursday, August 12, 2010

Gallup Poll: Brentwood Smoking Ban Too Strict!

Dear Brentwood Board of Aldermen:

A Gallup Poll released last Friday found that only 31 percent of Americans favor a complete ban on smoking in bars.

This new Gallup Poll backs up a 2007 survey by the Missouri Department Health and Senior Services which found that only 30 percent of St. Louis County residents favor a ban on smoking in all bars.

Clearly voters, including Brentwood voters, believe the proposed Brentwood smoking ban is too strict.

Furthermore, the proposed smoking ban will put a new burden on the Brentwood police and fire departments who will be charged with the costly enforcement of the Brentwood smoking ban in all Brentwood businesses, independent of the County smoking ban. Is it really necessary for Brentwood police and fire departments to duplicate and supercede the costly smoking ban enforcement of St. Louis County Department of Health? Especially since the proposed Brentwood smoking ban would only include two bars and an American Legion Hall not currently included in the County ban!

The "over 21" Double D Lounge has spent a great deal of money installing the most effective air purification system of any bar in St. Louis City or County. Don't they deserve an exemption? Sidelines is an old-timer's bar not bothering anyone. Why bother them? And can't the war veterans at the American Legion Hall make their own decisions? Why put Brentwood through all this trouble and expense just to restrict three adult establishments?


Bill Hannegan