Monday, August 23, 2010

Missouri Senators Versus EPA

Missouri businesses need to back up our Missouri senators in their stand against new EPA ozone rules. I am proud of Senator Bond's fighting spirit when he says:

"This administration must be realizing that its job-killing, big-government agenda isn't what the voters want. But I want to ensure these EPA regulations are stopped, not just delayed until a more convenient time after the election."

I am calling the offices of Bond and McCaskill tomorrow and am encouraging everyone possible to do the same.

These new ozone standards would threaten many Missouri businesses. In the paint business, for example, voc restrictions due to these new rules could outlaw many of the oil-based paints necessary to preserve traditional architecture in St. Louis. If these rules go through, I hope the paint companies challenge this ruling in court the way the tobacco companies successfully challenged the 1992 EPA Report.