Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Gallup Smoking Ban Poll Just Released

A Gallup Poll was released last Friday which found that only 31 percent of Americans favor a complete ban on smoking in bars.

Gallup sums up the finding:

"Currently, half of U.S. states have broad bans on smoking in enclosed public places, including workplaces, restaurants, and bars. The rest have more limited restrictions, such as requiring designated smoking areas in restaurants and workplaces, or prohibiting smoking only in government buildings and schools. A careful review of these laws could reveal that some states go further in restricting smoking than the American public would prefer, while others don't go nearly far enough."

The Brentwood Board of Aldermen votes on a smoking ban the includes all Brentwood "over 21" bars and private clubs, including the American Legion Hall, on Monday night. Most Americans don't want a ban that strict!