Thursday, January 27, 2011

City vs. County Exemption Lists

Dear County Executive Dooley,

Please check this out. Though the St. Louis City smoking ban exemption requirements are stricter than the County's, thus far 250 establishments have applied for exemption in the City. The City requires that establishments have less than 25 percent food sales, plus prohibits the entrance of those under 21 and limits exemption to those establishments under 2000 square ft. The County only requires that food sales be under 25 percent, yet the County so far has fewer applications than the City. I don't think the number of exemptions for the County is really out of line. And I am sure some of the current County exemptions will be revoked over the next few month if the exemption process is allowed to proceed as provided in the County smoking ordinance.

County Executive Dooley, County establishments have taken out kitchens and fired kitchen staff in order to gain these exemptions the voters allowed them. It is only fair to give this law a chance to work just as it was voted on.


Bill Hannegan