Thursday, January 20, 2011

Letter to County Health Director Gunn

Dear Director Gunn,

I read that in a recent Post-Dispatch article that some controversy exists as to whether or not pool halls can, in some instances, be exempted from the County smoking ban as a drinking establishments. Director Gunn, I attended all public deliberations by the County Council concerning the smoking ban, and was privy to many of the private deliberations of the Councilmen, and it was clear to everyone involved at all times that some pool halls would be exempt under the then proposed smoking ban as drinking establishments or bars. I want to point out to you today's Post-Dispatch/Suburban Journal article, "Behind the 8 Ball, Pool Halls Struggling", in which some pool halls are twice referred to as bars, not sports arenas:

"Jason Bowman, a spokesman for the American Poolplayers Association, said bars with pool tables seem to be have better numbers. More serious players may not spend as much on food and drink, but bars and taverns that devote themselves to the casual league players may be more successful, Bowman said.
On league nights from Sunday to Thursdays, the 28 tables are filled with billiards players intent on cinching shots. It helps that Baxter's is a bar and serves food, Lay said.

Clearly common sense language and thinking is on the side of classing establishments with many pool tables, whose main revenue source is the sale of alcohol, as drinking establishments or bars, not sports arenas.


Bill Hannegan
314.315.3779 (cell)