Saturday, January 22, 2011

Clayton Officials Join Rebellion Against Local Smoking Bans

I have gone over the Clayton smoking ban and find nothing that allows cigar smoking in the Ritz-Carlton ballroom tonight. Word is that Clayton authorities initially moved to stop the cigar smoking event, but later decided to flout their own law tonight. I am glad that the Clayton smoking ban is apparently being rolled back, even for one night.

A lot of Clayton businesses still resent that the Ritz-Carlton Cigar Club sold them out in exchange for an exemption by the Clayton Board of Aldermen from Mayor Goldstein's smoking ban. We believe that if the Ritz-Carlton Cigar Club had joined the Clayton Restaurateur's Alliance in opposition to the smoking ban, the whole smoking ban process in St. Louis could have stopped. St. Louis City and County, as well as Clayton itself, might not have a smoking ban right now if the Ritz-Carlton Cigar Club had been loyal to fellow Clayton businesses.